Summer Happy set - No.44 (titanium pierce - チタンピアス)

Summer Happy set - No.44 (titanium pierce - チタンピアス)

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今回のHappy Setは、Bali Senyumの定番の売れ筋のピアスをセレクトしました。









Just in time for the heat is my special Summer Happy Bag. Tie your hair up and show off your ears with these discounted sets of two beautiful earrings for only ¥4000.

The earrings in the picture are what are included in the set and they are only available as a screw-back clip-on. Since the earrings are already made they are ready to ship immediately upon purchase.

Just because you are stuck indoors doesn't mean you can't look fabulous. I hope my earrings can bring some measure of joy while you stay safe indoors.

There are a few sets available so please choose the one you like the most. One set per person so that everyone has a chance to get one. If you try to order more than one set I will cancel your order. Thanks for understanding.