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Heart-Shaped Hydrangea


Regular price / レギュラー価格 ¥2,500
Heart-Shaped Hydrangea
Heart-Shaped Hydrangea
Heart-Shaped Hydrangea

本物の花〜Heart Hydrangea





Size:  約10mm〜14mm 


ピアス(pierce) or イヤリング(Screw-Back Clip-On)

ピアスの素材は、メッキ(Gold plated Alloy)とチタン(Titanium、3200円)がございます。どちらかお選びください。


These dainty and poignant earrings are made with real hydrangea flower petals, carefully cut into heart-shapes. 

These are made to order, each piercing cut carefully into heart-shapes from flower petals, so no two earrings will ever be exactly alike. This is a one-of-a-kind design.

Size: 10mm-14mm.

Piercings are made from Titanium (3200yen) and Gold plated Alloy.

Please choose the one you prefer.


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